Sarasota Surface Design Guild Bylaws

(As amended November 23, 2004)
(As amended May 8, 2007)
(As amended May 14, 2013)
(As amended September 2016)
(As amended February 2017)

Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Sarasota Surface Design Guild.

Article II - Purpose
To provide an opportunity for local artists of all skill levels to meet monthly to share, inspire, and experience a wide variety of art techniques.  And to offer educational, exhibition, and sale opportunities for our members.

Article III - Membership
The Guild is open to anyone with an interest in surface design of any variety. To participate in any workshops, shows, or other activities, a person must be a member, unless specifically approved by the Executive Board.

Article IV - Dues
Members shall pay annual dues as established by the Executive Board. All dues are due by January 1 of every year; dues may be prorated if a member joins after July 1. Members may vote a special assessment as deemed necessary. The Executive Board members are exempt from dues for the year of their service.

Article V - Officers
The Executive Board is composed of four elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, plus the Past President, along with the Website Administrator and Membership Chairman, who are both appointed.  All have voting rights with the exception of the Past President.  The Executive board shall select a person from the membership if a vacancy of office occurs with the exception of President. The Vice President shall fill the President's position if it becomes vacant during a term of office.

The terms of office shall be one year. Officers are encouraged to serve two terms to provide continuity on the board. The limit shall be three consecutive terms. Appointed members on the board remain in their position at the discretion of the board, or until they resign.

The President shall preside at meetings and serve as a non-voting member of all committees except for the Nominating Committee. If selected as a member of the nominating committee, the President may serve on the Nominating Committee as a voting member.  The President will regularly monitor the Guild's email account. 

The Vice President/Program Chairman shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President/Program Chairman is in charge of planning and implementing programs.

The Secretary shall take minutes of the Executive Board and General meetings and submit them to the Website Administrator to incorporate into the Guild's Website, placing a hard copy in the permanent file.  Copies will be provided to those members without an email address upon request.  

The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all monies, shall maintain a bank account, statements and expense records, shall keep bank signature cards up-to-date, and shall give a financial report at the Executive Board and General meetings.  The Treasurer will also be responsible for retrieving the mail from the Post Office box or delegate that responsibility to another Board Member. 

The Membership Chairman shall recruit and maintain members, maintain membership record on database, issue membership cards and recruit greeters for General Meetings.

The Website Administrator shall maintain the Website and Facebook account, post the minutes on the Website, send out meeting and play day reminders, and disseminate relative information to the members when applicable. 

Article VI - Nominations
The Executive Board shall appoint a Nominating Committee, consisting of three members. They shall meet in July and/or August of the year preceding the election and present a slate of candidates for the Board positions at the September meeting.

Article VII - Elections
The annual elections shall be held at the October meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor, with the prior consent of the nominee.

Article VIII - Meetings
There shall be regular monthly meetings at a time and place designated by the Executive Board. The Annual Meeting will be held in November. One-third of the paid membership constitutes a quorum when a vote is taken. The Executive Board shall meet on the call of the President or any two members of the Board. Three members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.  The Guild and its members shall abide by the rules of the facility where the meetings are held.

Article IX - Amendments
These Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed in whole or part at any regular or special meeting of the Guild by a two-thirds vote of the members 
present and voting, provided there is a quorum present.  The proposed action shall be presented in writing on the website and read to those members present at a previous meeting. 

Article X - Dissolution
Upon dissolution of the Guild, the officers shall, after paying or making provision for the payment of all of the liabilities of the Guild, dispose of all the assets of the Guild to a non-profit organization chosen by the Executive Board.

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