2016 Holiday Party

The 2016 Holiday Party was a ton of fun and 50 people were in attendance!  What a great turn out!  Thanks to everyone who attended.  During the check in process, we enjoyed music by our own Holly Williams and Tim Macomber and people had their picture taken with Santa by Sarasota Green Screen (Kari Bunker and Alex Nair).  Then we had an awesome sit down dinner. The food was totally amazing.

After dinner, it was time for the Center Piece Challenge.  Each table had a bag containing a variety of (strange and familiar) items and the Center Pieces actually turned out really good! Picking a winner was a challenge for Santa, but he picked the Alien Invasion created by Table 9. The winners were each gifted with a Poinsettia.  

To exercise our vocal chords, we then participated in a Sarasota Surface Design Guild version of the 12 Craft Days of Christmas!  Now that was extremely entertaining!  It was recorded on an iphone and we need to get a copy of it!!

Now to get everyone up and on their feet, the Ornament Game Exchange was played.  The first step was to get all 50 people into something that resembled a large circle.  Each person had an ornament in a clear bag/wrapper and we passed them around the whole circle so each person could look at each ornament and eye ball the one they hoped to get!  Santa then read a Christmas story containing the words "left" and "right" all over the place and we all moved the ornaments around the circle as directed by the story!!   At the end of the story, you had your new ornament!

Yellow raffle tickets had been given to members for the past few months for their participation during meetings and play days and it was time to award the Gift Basket drawn from that pool of tickets.  In addition to the large gift basket, three smaller gift baskets were also awarded to members.  A Great Big Thanks to Diane Bunker for creating those wonderful gift baskets.  

For the most part, everyone helped clean up and we were out of there 30 minutes after the party ended!  Thanks to everyone for helping with the clean up! 

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