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    • 29 Nov 2015
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Waldemere Fire Station, Upstairs Meeting Room

    Photo Collage Workshop
    Create a unique piece of art using your own digital photographs!

    Artist Raven Skye McDonough will be our instructor at the November 29th Playday/Workshop. She will be teaching Photo Collage and sharing with us the techniques she has developed for this art form.

    In this workshop, you will learn how to collage (glue) your original 5” x 7” or 8" x 10" digital photograph, printed on regular paper from a Laser Printer onto a canvas. (Ink jet printers will not work for this, the collage medium will melt the inks). Once dry, we will add paper and acrylic paint embellishments.  

    This technique works up fairly quickly so I recommend bringing multiple photographs. One 5” x 7” and 8 x 10" canvas will be provided in your supply kit along with enough collage medium to make up to five total. You will need to bring the additional stretched canvases and photographs with you if you want to create more than two.

    Get a jump on your holiday shopping, these make great gifts!

    For a complete list of materials to bring on Sunday, the 29th, please see below.



    Photo Collage Workshop Supply List: 

    Supply kit includes: one 5" x 7" and one 8" x 10" canvas, collage medium, brush, use of acrylic paints, credit card for smoothing out wrinkle, assorted collage papers and use of Raven’s stencils. 

    You will need to bring:

    · Paper Towels

    · Plastic cover to protect your work area

    · Additional canvas in either 5” x 7” or 8” x 10” if you want to make more than 2 photo collages.

    · Optional acrylic paints in your favorite colors

    · Laser printed photos - At least one 5” x 7” and one 8” x 10” Laser printed photographs (on regular paper, not photo paper).  I would recommend bringing an assortment of photos so you have choices to work with. If you do not own a color laser printer, then head on over to Staples!

    · Stencils - Some will be provided to use during the workshop if you do not have stencils on hand. Bring them if you do, we have 12 people signed up for the workshop, you will have to share Raven’s with the group.

    If you have any questions, please contact Raven Skye McDonough at  603-361-3821 or email at:

    To see more of her work please go to:
    • 08 Dec 2015
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Waldemere Fire Station, Upstairs Meeting Room

    Happy Holidays!

    For our December 8th meeting, we will be having a “Pot Luck Party” instead of our regular meeting. It will be held from 6 to 8 p.m., in the upstairs meeting room at the Waldemere Fire Station. So, bring in your favorite dish (with enough to share), and we’ll celebrate the holidays together! Last year’s food spread was fantastic! We can’t wait to see what yummy dishes you’ll all bring in this year!

    We have some fun “Make-It Take-It” projects planned for you, and since it's “The Season For Giving” we’ll also be decorating a 4’ table top Christmas tree, that will then be donated to S.P.A.R.C.C….PLEASE REMEMBER to bring in ONE HANDMADE ORNAMENT to hang on the tree! I know with all of the creativity in this group, the tree will look beautiful! Hope to see you there…Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

    P.S. Regarding “Play Day” on December 27th, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., there will not be a scheduled workshop on that day, but the room will be available for our members to use for your own crafting projects, or just to meet and visit with one another.

    • 27 Dec 2015
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Waldemere Fire Station, Upstairs Meeting Room

    There will not be a formal Playday workshop on December 27th but the room will be available for our members to use 1:00 - 4:00 PM for your own crafting projects, or just to meet and visit with one another.

    • 12 Jan 2016
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Waldemere Fire Station, Upstairs Meeting Room

    Silvie Waals will give us a preview of the January 31st Playday/Workshop she will be teaching. We will learn how to create and embellish Resin Jewelry using several techniques she uses to create her own work, such as the beautiful piece below. For more information please click on January Playday. Below is an example of Silvie's work.


    • 31 Jan 2016
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Waldemere Fire Station, Upstairs Meeting Room

    Exploring Resin Jewelry
    with instructor Silvie Waals
    January 31 1:00 - 4:00 PM at the Waldemere Fire Station


    In this workshop we will learn a variety of techniques for applying resin, how to work with it, how to color it and how to insert small inclusions for added interest and texture. “Exploring Resin” is a fun, hands-on workshop which will give you new tools to expand your jewelry making skills. 

    The cost for the class is $20.00 and the supply kit is $25.00. The kit includes resin, colorant, and an interesting selection of charms, small inclusions, various beads, wooden sticks, toothpicks and other things that can add interest to your finished jewelry piece.

    Please keep in mind that we are working with resin and that it can be a bit messy. You will need an apron to protect your clothing and a small baking sheet to take your project home on since resin takes a while to dry. If you’d like to add your own small inclusions to the resin, feel free to bring them to the workshop as well.

    The sign-up sheet will be available at the January 12th meeting, which will be held in the upstairs meeting room at the Waldemere Fire Station from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Silvie will be speaking about her workshop “Exploring Resin” and will be available to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to register early, as this class will fill up fast.




    • 09 Feb 2016
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Waldemere Fire Station, Upstairs Meeting Room

    Our February 9th meeting, will be held from 6:00 - 8:00 PM at the Waldemere Fire Station’s upstairs Meeting Room, where we will learn about creating with “Hypertufa.” Guest speaker Gary Patton will show us examples of pots made from this amazing material and explain how we can make our very own “Hypertufa Pots” which he will teach at the next Playday on February 28th.

    • 28 Feb 2016
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Waldemere Fire Station (Outside)


    February “Play Day” Workshop

       Gary Patton will be teaching our “Hypertufa Pot” workshop held on February 28th from 1:00 - 4:00 PM at the Waldemere Fire Station. This will be an outdoor workshop, and you will want to dress in old clothes as we may get “down and dirty” during the process! Gary will be providing: the materials for making two pots, (1-10” x 9” and 1-small pot), a mold (that each member gets to keep to take home for making future pots), nitrile & plastic gloves, disposable dust masks,  goggles or safety glasses, some trowels, & plant material for making engraved designs in the containers, (he will also talk about carving the pots while still "green") You will need to bring: a work apron, disposable plastic table cloth, and a small trowel or hand shovel. The cost for this fun workshop has been discounted for our group from $39.00 to ONLY$15.00 per member! Sign up at the February meeting, as this workshop will fill up fast!

    Note: The "head pots" above are for inspiration only at this point. Once Gary teaches us how to make everyday pots like the ones below, we will be able to let our imaginations take flight!

Past events

10 Nov 2015 November Meeting
25 Oct 2015 October Playday
13 Oct 2015 October Meeting
27 Sep 2015 September Playday
20 Sep 2015 September Fabric Collage Workshop with June Colburn
08 Sep 2015 September Meeting
30 Aug 2015 August Playday
11 Aug 2015 August Meeting
26 Jul 2015 July Playday - Fabric Bangle Bracelets
14 Jul 2015 July Meeting - Marty Montague Fabric Bangles & June Colburn
28 Jun 2015 June Playday - Quilling with Sue Garland
09 Jun 2015 June Meeting - Quilling with Sue Garland
31 May 2015 May Playday
24 May 2015 May Glass Fusing Workshop
12 May 2015 May Meeting
26 Apr 2015 April Playday - Beading
14 Apr 2015 April Meeting - Beading
29 Mar 2015 March Playday with Mimi May - Fascinators!
10 Mar 2015 March Meeting - Fascinators
22 Feb 2015 February Playday with Kathy Hays - Eco Dyeing
10 Feb 2015 February Meeting - Eco dying, FAB, and more
25 Jan 2015 January Playday with Cheryl Martin -Gelli Plate Printing
13 Jan 2015 January Meeting
30 Nov 2014 November Playday - Finish up Projects Playday
11 Nov 2014 November Meeting- Swap Meet!
26 Oct 2014 October Playday -Felt Flower Frenzy with Kathy Hays
14 Oct 2014 October Meeting -Felt Frenzy
28 Sep 2014 September Playday! Polymer Clay Exploration
09 Sep 2014 September Meeting
31 Aug 2014 August Playday Imperfect Perfect Journal and More with Judy Just
12 Aug 2014 August Meeting: Imperfect Perfect Book
26 Jul 2014 Play Day in July: Creating beads with Pat Maurer
08 Jul 2014 July Meeting: Paper Beads with Pat Maurer & fiber necklaces with Jennifer Wiles
29 Jun 2014 June Playday!
22 Jun 2014 Painting Cookies!
10 Jun 2014 June Meeting with demo by Pat Maurer and talk about Cookie workshop
25 May 2014 Play Day May 25 -- Faux Metal Work with Cheryl Martin & Diane Bunker
13 May 2014 Faux Metal Work with Cheryl Martin & Diane Bunker
27 Apr 2014 Play Day for April 27 -- Making Mandalas!
08 Apr 2014 April Program will be Inspirations by Expressive Arts in Sarasota
30 Mar 2014 March 30 Play Day: Creating Mosaics!
11 Mar 2014 Mosaic Artist Patricia Rockwood
11 Feb 2014 February- Powertex Demo
26 Jan 2014 January Play Day, Sunday, January 26
26 Jan 2014 January- Closet redux with Kim Sherrod
14 Jan 2014 January- Closet redux with Kim Sherrod
14 Jan 2014 Also at our January Meeting: Floral Cascade Necklace
10 Dec 2013 December- Holiday Party and Auction
24 Nov 2013 November Play Day - Reverse glass painting
12 Nov 2013 Reverse glass painting with Michelle Held
27 Oct 2013 October Playday- Double Vision; Silk Batik and Fabric Collage Workshop with Jo-Ann Jensen
08 Oct 2013 Botanical Printing with Jo Ann Campisi
29 Sep 2013 September Play Day - Angie Knowles
10 Sep 2013 September- Angie Knowles Marbling & Thermofax Printing At the Art Center!
25 Aug 2013 August Play Day - Washi Tape with Pat Fox
13 Aug 2013 August- Washi Tape with Pat Fox
28 Jul 2013 July Playday with Susan Sudnick
09 Jul 2013 July Resin pendant with Susan Sudnick
30 Jun 2013 June PlayDay- Marlene Glickman Fiber Collage
11 Jun 2013 June - Marlene Glickman
26 May 2013 May playday- Joey Long - TBA
14 May 2013 May- Joey Long - Gelli Plate demo
28 Apr 2013 April Playday- Felted purse with Kathy Hays
09 Apr 2013 April- T shirts to tote bag demo/ felted workshop sign up
24 Mar 2013 March Playday- closed workshop with Juanita Yeager
12 Mar 2013 March- Juanita Yeager- Water color on silk presentation
24 Feb 2013 February Playday- Moved to ART CENTER
12 Feb 2013 February- Jackie Cully- Community Leaf project
27 Jan 2013 January Playday- Workshop with Karen Woods
08 Jan 2013 January- Karen Woods- Silk Road Journey Scarf
30 Dec 2012 December Playday- Cancelled due to holiday
11 Dec 2012 December Meeting- Make and Take
25 Nov 2012 November Playday- Open
13 Nov 2012 November Meeting- Sell or Swap
01 Nov 2012 Children's Book Art Quilts in Display Case at Gulf Gate Library For entire month of November
28 Oct 2012 October Playday- Monoprinting
09 Oct 2012 October Meeting- Monoprinting
30 Sep 2012 September Playday- Carving a new niche!
11 Sep 2012 September Meeting w/ Joey Long
26 Aug 2012 August Playday- Wibers
14 Aug 2012 August Meeting-Wibers w/ Karen Johnson
29 Jul 2012 July Playday- Finishing UFO's
10 Jul 2012 July Meeting - Finishing what we have started
24 Jun 2012 June Playday Finishing up Viking Knit with patsy monk and Free Time for Everyone Else
12 Jun 2012 Viking Knit with patsy monk
27 May 2012 May Playday Arlene Schwen Rughooking Dream Purse
08 May 2012 May Meeting Arlene Schwen Rughooking Dream Purse
29 Apr 2012 April Play Day Jennifer Wiles Kumihimo Earring
10 Apr 2012 April Meeting Jennifer Wiles Kumihimo Earrings
25 Mar 2012 March Play Day
13 Mar 2012 March Meeting Woven Spirit Mandala
26 Feb 2012 February Play Day - Collage Workshop with Elena De La Ville
14 Feb 2012 February Meeting - Elena De La Ville Collage Presentation
22 Jan 2012 DATE CHANGED for Play day
10 Jan 2012 January Meeting Marlene Glickman Surface Design on Silk
13 Dec 2011 Gift Station Make and Take December Meeting
27 Nov 2011 November Play Day Wet Felting
16 Nov 2011 Wet Felted Bowl & Flower November Meeting
01 Nov 2011 Display Case at Gulf Gate Library For entire month of November
30 Oct 2011 Create a Hand Embroidery the Slow Coth Way October Play Day
11 Oct 2011 October Meeting - Whammy Applique with Cindy Pitt
25 Sep 2011 September Play Day *Revised*
13 Sep 2011 September Meeting Katie Gardenia Sculpted Fiber Figures
28 Aug 2011 August Play Day - Paste Paper with Elizabeth
09 Aug 2011 August Meeting
31 Jul 2011 July Play Day Creating 3-D Fabric Journal Covers using the Teesha Moore Method
12 Jul 2011 July Meeting Quilting Scraps into 3-D Sculpture Journal Covers
26 Jun 2011 June Play Day Three Techniques of Nature Printing
14 Jun 2011 June Meeting Discover Nature Printing
29 May 2011 May Play Day
10 May 2011 May Meeting Sandy Frick Clay Vessels and Handmade Paper Sculpture
01 May 2011 Fabric Flower Making Day at Siesta Beach
12 Apr 2011 April is Fashion Show
31 Mar 2011 Community Art Show - Art Center Sarasota
27 Mar 2011 March Play Day Kevin Tobin Presents : "You Can't Really Swing, If You Ain't Got That Bling" Workshop
10 Mar 2011 March Meeting New Date and Location! Receiving Art Work for the Community Show and More!
27 Feb 2011 Feb Play Day Gel Skins and Image Transfer for Painting & Collage with Kevin Tobin
10 Feb 2011 Fabulous Arts Boutique Show & Sale
08 Feb 2011 Feb meeting is Kevin Tobin Discusses Acrylic Paints from A to Z
08 Feb 2011 Technique Pages
30 Jan 2011 January Play Day June Colburn Silk Screening on Kimono Fabric
11 Jan 2011 January Meeting Screen Printing with June Colburn
14 Dec 2010 December Meeting Holiday Party and Ornament Swap
28 Nov 2010 November Play Day Pom Pom Cardinal Bird Project
09 Nov 2010 November Meeting Speaker will be local Author Gina Greenlee
31 Oct 2010 October Play Day Book Making with Lenore and Halloween Fun!
12 Oct 2010 October Meeting Making Journals from "What I did over the Summer Pages"
26 Sep 2010 Play Day Practicing Design Techniques Using Paper Cutting with Anne McCunney
19 Sep 2010 Folded Book Techniques with Elizabeth Hillmann
29 Aug 2010 August Play Day Kumihimo with Jennifer Wiles
10 Aug 2010 August Meeting Kumihimo: Exploring Japanese Braiding with Jennifer Wiles
25 Jul 2010 July Play Day: Embellished Treasure Boxes made from Sharpie Dyed Fabric
13 Jul 2010 July Meeting: Sharpies & Alcohol - Colorful, But Not in a Drawing and Drinking Kinda Way!
27 Jun 2010 Sparkly Life with Mimi May- A Little Glitter is a Good Thing
08 Jun 2010 Sparkly Life with Mimi May- A Little Glitter is a Good Thing
11 May 2010 Making a Thread Sandwich with Ellen Simon
25 Apr 2010 Fashion Show "Project Runway"
28 Mar 2010 Dress rehearsal for FashionShow Play Day
09 Mar 2010 Spinning Fiber into Yarn
28 Feb 2010 Technique Pages Play Day
14 Feb 2010 Pick Up Items from FAB Sale
11 Feb 2010 Drop Off Work For FAB
11 Feb 2010 Fabulous Arts Boutique Show & Sale
09 Feb 2010 Technique Pages
31 Jan 2010 Stamping With Hardware Store Items Play Day
29 Jan 2010 Pick Up Work from Fibre Arts 2010 Show
15 Jan 2010 Fibre Arts 2010 at Venice Art Center with VSBW Guild
15 Jan 2010 Deadline For FAB Registration
12 Jan 2010 Stamping With Hardware Store Items

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